What 10 Million Periscope Users Means to Broadcasters and Viewers

Periscope recently announced that there are now over 10 million users of the live-streaming video app. Every day 40 years of video are watched by people. This is incredible!

Periscope has only been around since March and it’s becoming a great way for people to get in touch with their community, share information, and just act silly.

So what does this mean for broadcasters and viewers?

For broadcasters it means that you’re going to be vying for the attention of viewers. A portion of your audience will probably follow you but you’ll also attract new followers.

For viewers it means becoming a discriminating viewer. With the amount of content out there it’s very easy to get sucked into watching Periscope broadcasts.

What do you think? As Periscope grows how will broadcasters and viewers need to change their use of the app?


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