Hank Hanegraaff Did Not “Leave the Faith”

Hank Hanegraaff’s recent conversion to Orthodoxy (specifically, Greek Orthodox) has been written about on many popular Christian blogs.

Much of what has been written by Evangelicals is frighteningly Pharisaical.

Ultimately, it’s just a distraction from the goal of all Christians: to glorify God and point people to Christ. Instead, people are pointing to doctrine, tradition, and misconceptions.

What Sold in March #2017FlipChallenge

I’ve sold more on eBay in the last three months than in the last 5 years combined. Despite that I’ve come to realize that I need to have more inventory in order to reach my goal.

Also, I’m going to have to start sourcing soon. Once the garage sale season hits, prices will drop because more people will be listing what they’ve found. Watch the video…