How to Change Thumbnails for Facebook Videos

Sometimes the thumbnail that Facebook chooses for your video can be a bit unflattering. If you don’t like your face you can change the thumbnail automatically selected by Facebook.

Unlike YouTube, you cannot upload a custom thumbnail for your video (as far as I know) but you do have more choices that are automatically generated. Here are the basic steps for changing a thumbnail on your Facebook videos:

1. Upload your video.
2. Once your video has been processed go to the “Vidoes” section of your Facebook page.
3. Hover over the video and then click the little edit icon.
4. Along with descriptive information about your video you’ll be presented with a carousel of thumbnails.
5. Choose the best one and click “Save”. You’re done.

Hope this helps!

How to add a call to action to Facebook videos

If you upload videos directly to Facebook instead of embedding videos from other sites like YouTube and Vimeo you can add a call to action at the end of your video.

Split-testing by people much smarter than me has shown that videos uploaded directly to Facebook perform better than embedded videos from sites like YouTube.

Being able to add a call to action at the end of your video is another great perk of uploading content directly to Facebook.