Hope – First Sunday of Advent

As we enter into the Advent season, I thought I’d put together a few podcasts that reflect my thoughts and communicate the importance of the Advent tradition.

You don’t have to celebrate with candles or a wreath but Christmastime is the perfect season to reflect on Christ’s coming to the world and his eventual return. Continue reading “Hope – First Sunday of Advent”

Change is Inevitable — NaPodPoMo

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that things will change. Sometimes the change happens gradually and we hardly notice it. Sometimes it happens suddenly and we’re caught off guard.

Remember, this is not a podcast but you can still support me when you buy me a coffee.

Nostalgia Nation [STR4P 12]

Why is it that all of the “new” t.v. shows and movies seem to capitalize on 80’s nostalgia? What is driving this trend in media? How does that trend apply to our lives as people struggling to follow Jesus?

Listen in as I try to answer these questions and more in the latest episode of Struggling for Purpose. Continue reading “Nostalgia Nation [STR4P 12]”

Change is Coming [STR4P 10]

I’ve decided to make some changes related to my podcasting. That means this podcast is changing (again) and another has got to go! It’s going to be messy for a little while. Continue reading “Change is Coming [STR4P 10]”

Struggling to Podcast [STR4P 9]

Sometimes it’s hard to record podcasts

Back to the traditional top-of-mind recording this time. Recorded in my car, I share how I’ve been struggling to podcast lately and compare podcasting to the Eucharist. Continue reading “Struggling to Podcast [STR4P 9]”