What I Learned From Three Failed Podcasts – STR4P 5

Since I started podcasting in 2005, I’ve started ten podcasts. Of those ten, I consider three failures. In this episode of Struggling for Purpose, I’ll share why I think those podcasts “failed” and what I learned from those failures. Continue reading “What I Learned From Three Failed Podcasts – STR4P 5”

Why I Podcast – STR4P 4

I reached out to other Christian podcasters and asked them why they podcast. In this episode of Struggling for Purpose you’ll hear from several podcasters and get some insight into the various reasons people choose to podcast. Continue reading “Why I Podcast – STR4P 4”

Christian Creatives Series 2 Coming Soon

I plan to release another series of interviews with Christian Creatives—people who are creating content, things, services, or opportunities for others. These will primarily be with independent creators but I hope to (if possible) interview some more popular creative people. The interviews will last 10-15 each. Look for the first interview in October.

Also, be sure to check out the ticket giveaway I’m hosting for the upcoming release of LITTLE WOMEN.

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Chris Woodruff of Life Raft International – 10 the Podcast

Today I’m speaking with Chris Woodruff. Chris is the Executive Director of Life Raft International, a ministry dedicated to feeding, sheltering, and protecting Christian refugees have escaped persecution in Pakistan only to face it anew in Bangkok, Thailand. Continue reading “Chris Woodruff of Life Raft International – 10 the Podcast”

Priorities, Motivation, & Goals – 10 the Podcast

Is “working hard” enough? Is there a little “luck” involved with success? What motivates me and why haven’t I been “successful” yet. How do you define “success”?

Continue reading “Priorities, Motivation, & Goals – 10 the Podcast”