Time to Clean House

A few years ago I made the difficult decision to cull the vast majority of the content on my homeschooling podcast and blog, The Wired Homeschool.

I got more traffic and the retention rate on my site was much higher because people weren’t coming to a blog post or podcast episode that had information that was 8 years old.

Where appropriate, I updated older posts that were getting significant traffic with current information.

I removed 80% of the content (including podcast episodes) from The Wired Homeschool and improved my search engine rankings and affiliate earnings.

Unique visitors to the site increased 41% last year over 2019 and I consistently hit or exceeded my daily goal for page views.

Now that I’m selling The Wired Homeschool, I thought I’d try doing the same thing to this site.

I don’t anticipate deleting as much content. However, I do plan to remove anything that I consider “off-brand”.

The first step is to decide what my “brand” is here. A recent Twitter thread by Chris Pirillo really opened my eyes.

Honestly, I hate the term “personal brand” because (like Chris indicated in his thread) I am not a product.

BTW, when you read that thread, substitute “Google” for “YouTube” to understand the dilemma of a “variety blogger and podcaster”.

I have many interests. Google and other search engines generally do not reward people who aren’t laser-focused on a particular niche.

I don’t plan to just focus on one thing, however, I am going to examine what people are coming here to read, watch, listen to.

That being said, I know there is a small group of people that have followed me online for years. I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think I cover best.

I’ll take that into consideration when determining what content to remove or keep.

As always, thanks for reading this and for keeping tabs on me!


Husband, Dad, Podcaster, Blogger, Writer, and Speaker struggling every day to follow Jesus.

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