The Shift Short Film Review

Looking for a review of the feature film in theaters on December 1, 2023? It’s here: The Shift Full Movie Review.

If alternate universes existed, would Satan be able to corrupt them and tempt people? In The Shift, writer and director Brock Heasley explores this possibility.

Synopsis: A frustrated, ordinary man receives sympathy–and a job offer–from the Devil himself.

About The Shift

Starring: Travis Cluff, Erin Heasley, Ceejay Leonzo
Genre: Sci-fi, Drama
Runtime: 21 minutes
Rating: NR (Probably PG-13)

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Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see speculative fiction that honors God. The Shift, if funded, looks like it will deliver sci-fi action and drama while sharing the message of The Gospel.

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