The Rank Game Review and Giveaway

If you’re looking for a game that is not only fun but can engage people of all ages, look no further than THE RANK GAME.

It’s a conversation-based card game where players try to find out just how much they know about each other.


THE RANK GAME is a game about you and your people—your likes and dislikes. It’s a card-based game that gamifies how well you know your family and friends. The ranker ranks four items, and the guessers guess how you’ve ranked those items to achieve points.

From Chip & Dana Brown

“You’ve probably seen statistics or news stories about how technology, screen time, advertising, and social media are eroding our ability to simply be together face to face. You’ve probably even experienced this first hand in your own life. Even when we want to quit tech and spend more having real experiences in authentic relationships, it’s kind of hard to do. It’s awkward. The truth is, all of us need at least a little bit of help to succeed at this. That’s why we made THE RANK GAME.

“THE RANK GAME is easy to play at home, on long car trips, on the beach, at a restaurant or bar…ANYWHERE! The game quickly gets us off our phones and TALKING with one another in eye-to-eye, real-world gameplay. So, we get to know each other better.”


When I’m thinking about buying a game I consider four things: cost, quality, replay value, and the fun factor.

COST: THE RANK GAME retails for $30. It comes with 150 cards. As a comparison, Exploding Kittens retails for $20 and only has 56 cards. There are other card games that come with more cards, but the quality of those cards isn’t as good as the ones in this game.

QUALITY: The cards and packaging are high-quality. The cards feel like playing cards, not cheap, thin cardboard. The cards have a smooth feel in your hand. The cardholder is painted wood, not cheap plastic. The packaging is compact so there’s very little wasted space.

The Rank Game showing all cards and scoring pads.

REPLAY VALUE: There’s a lot of replay value with this game. Five players could play 30 rounds without getting a repeat card. You could then shuffle the cards and play again giving you millions of ranker/guesser combinations.

FUN FACTOR: You will find yourself saying, “I never thought you’d choose that,” or “I thought I knew you,” frequently. This is a great way to get to know more about your friends and family and even spring a few surprises on them!

I cannot recommend this game enough. It’s affordable, fun, and easy to play with your kids. Make sure you check it out and enter the giveaway for a free copy!

THE RANK GAME retails for $30 but if you use the discount code JOHNWILKERSON and my affiliate link you’ll receive 20% off your purchase.

As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.



Next week, on the podcast, I have an interview with the creators of THE RANK GAME, Chip and Dana Brown. Make sure you’re following the podcast so you don’t miss it!


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