The Mighty Nanuk

Produced by award-winning director Josiah Crandall & featuring SUPERSONIC Pod Comics 1st Audio Drama w/ 100% Original Music (composed by Clay Cartwright), THE MIGHTY NANUK is a swift, thrill-ride of mythic proportions!

When first responder Sofia Fierro (Kimm Marie) finds a child in the Alaskan wilderness, she unwittingly becomes the target of monstrous aggressors and finds herself helplessly entwined with mysteries that will haunt the SUPERSONIC Universe for years to come.

Inspired by Inuit mythology, THE MIGHTY NANUK was written by Ken Anthony II, Jim Groce & Js Earls

Kimm Marie as SOFIA
Austin Beach as SIMON
Ayla Crandall as THE KID
John Wilkerson as TOM
Ken Anthony II as 911 OPERATOR
Josiah Crandall as OWEN
NARRATION by Nathan James Norman

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