“The God Conspiracy” by Derek P. Gilbert Book Review

Derek P. Gilbert‘s novel The God Conspiracy weaves a tale of political intrigue and faith. His first novel, Iron Dragons was a fantasy novel with an alien twist. This novel is completely different and seems to be a better fit for Derek’s writing style.

It’s available for free at Podiobooks and available in Paperback and e-book formats. It was originally released in 2009 but made it’s debut on Kindle last year.

The God Conspiracy Synopsis

The deadliest terror attacks in American history are triggered by a mysterious e-mail from “God”, and the government blames a fanatical group of apocalyptic Christians.

FBI Agent Joe Unes reluctantly teams with reclusive Internet radio host Barney Ison from Sharon K. Gilbert’s The Armageddon Strain to expose the plot—and discovers that he’s not contending with flesh and blood.

Note: I originally reviewed this book a few years ago. I decided to update the review after re-reading it.


With the release of The God Conspiracy, Derek dives into the thriller/suspense genre head first. This seems like a more comfortable element for Derek as he’s been hosting PID Radio for 9 years where he and his wife and fellow author Sharon K. Gilbert have found plenty of source material for their novels by examining the “news behind the news”.

Derek’s Christian worldview is evident as he weaves a supernatural thriller that kept me turning the pages. The Christian message in the novel may seem heavy-handed to non-Christians but I think most believers wouldn’t have a problem with the use of Christian themes in this book.

The pacing and character development were just right. Since this is a one-shot novel, it doesn’t make sense to spend too much time developing characters like in other world-building novels.

I’d like to see more stories like this from Derek but I’m sure his current endeavors are keeping him too busy to write.

If you’re looking for a novel to grab and read through in a few days, pick up The God Conspiracy by Derek P. Gilbert.

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