Testament: The Parables Retold Full Movie Review

In Testament: The Parables Retold, director and writer Paul Syrstad wraps a compelling and entertaining story around modernized versions of five parables Jesus told.

About Testament

Synopsis: Luke hides from the dreaded Temple Guard with the early disciples hoping to further his research into his report on Jesus, but he gets more than he bargained for when he begins to hear the great storyteller’s own stories; the parables.

Starring: Sule Rimi, Ben Turner, Tina Barnes

Genre: Drama

Rating: None (Probably PG-13)

Runtime: 120 minutes

For more information and to watch online go to https://angel.com/watch/testament.


Final Thoughts

Testament: The Parables Retold demonstrates that great films can be made on tiny budgets when you have a compelling story and people skilled at their craft. If you enjoy watching this film, I highly recommend you support the project.


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