Stop Raining on SoundCloud’s Parade

Stop telling everyone why SoundCloud sucks and instead praise them for entering the podcasting space and look for ways to encourage standardization across platforms.

There are very few people who can make informed statements about SoundCloud and their future. So far I’ve heard the following reasons why people should treat SoundCloud like a rabid dog:

1. Their funding comes from venture capitalists and they’re going to run out of money.
My response: SoundCloud is beholden to their investors. People much smarter than me wouldn’t keep investing if they thought it was a money pit. Side note: Twitter was interested in purchasing SoundCloud for $2 billion.

2. You don’t control your RSS feed or you’re locked into their platform.
My response: We don’t know that. Nobody who has said this to me has hosted a podcast with SoundCloud and tried to move from their platform. UPDATE: SoundCloud offers a 301 redirect if you choose to leave their platform.

3. Who’s going to pay for it?
My response: People like free but people also like to pay for quality services. They’re priced competitively and they have an ad revenue sharing program.

4. There’s no direct access to mp3 files.
My response: I’m sure there’s a work-around. How else would they appear in iTunes? Again, this is a relatively new platform that will change.

5. It’s been in beta for a while. There’s nothing new here.
My response: Really? Way to be a podcast hipster. Take it for a spin, it’s free. See if you like it.

Let’s have a conversation about SoundCloud’s entry into podcast hosting instead of throwing stones. Yes, Libsyn and Blubrry have great products but they aren’t perfect either. It’s another option and brings more options to the table.

Can we just work on standards instead of trying to blow each other out of the water?


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