Star Wars: The Infographic

Star Wars: The Infographic

Many people have recreated Star Wars in many imaginative ways over the nearly 40 years since its release.

There’s the ASCII animated version that’s been online since 1997.

There’s the 8-bit version that’s quite abbreviated but still entertaining.

Now, there’s an infographic. Yes, one giant infographic that tells the entire story of Star Wars.

SWANH.NET is an adaptation of Star Wars Episode IV in a style that was inspired by infographics. One story in one piece of 123 meters length.

It was created with Adobe Illustrator CC in 2016. Its exact measures are:
1024 x 465152 px / 27 x 12307 cm / 10.6 x 4845.3-inch

123 meters! That’s about 403 feet for the metric-challenged!

Check it out and be amazed!


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