I offer a variety of podcast-related services to help you streamline and improve your podcast, audio book, or other audio project. Rates are negotiable and flexible. Payment is expected in advance, via PayPal, for all services. This protects both of us. Please contact me via the form below before sending payment for any services.

Podcast Post-Production

You’ve done the hard part: recording your podcast episode. Now comes the tedious part: editing out any errors and applying some post-production techniques to make your audio sound professional.

This can sometimes take hours to complete. Mixing together an interview, taking out lengthy “uhms” and “ahhs,” or removing unnecessary chatter and noises takes up valuable time. I can do all of that for you. Once edited, I can send it back to you for approval or upload it immediately to your media host.

Rates start at $125 per finished hour of audio (1 hour minimum, billed in 1 hour increments). If you send me 75 minutes of audio and I edit it down to 57 minutes you’ll be charged for 1 hour. If you send me 90 minutes of audio and it is edited down to 70 minutes you’ll be charged for 2 hours. This is not an hourly rate. If it takes me 3 hours to edit 45 minutes of audio you only pay $125.

Podcast Host Services

Are you looking to start a podcast but need a partner? If you’ve got a Q&A style podcast that needs a host to ask you questions or you need a co-host to lead the conversation you can hire me to perform those duties.

Rates start at $250 per month for up to 4 episodes, 3-month minimum. As the talent, you would need to provide an error-free script or outline in English. Please note: this rate does not include recording, editing, posting/creating show notes, social media promotion, or any other tasks. This is only for hosting or co-hosting the show.

Voice-Over Rate Schedule

The following voice-over rates are for error-free, English scripts (fiction or non-fiction). Don’t send me your rough draft. I’m not opposed to mild profanity but if your script is laden with f-bombs or other content I deem objectionable you may want to find someone else. Think along the lines of a PG-13 movie. I reserve the right to reject any script for any reason.

Audio with no post-processing

$25 for first 500 words
$30 for 501-1,000 words
$50 for 1,001-2,500 words
$75 for 2,501-4,000 words
$100 for 4,001-5000 words

All projects will be completed within 5 days. Need it sooner? For $50 more I’ll expedite your project and have it done in 24 hours. For projects over 5,000 words add $25 per additional 1,000 words up to 10,000. I cannot provide rush jobs for scripts longer that 10,000 words. Projects over 10,000 words will command a higher rate due to the added work of providing consistent audio and performance quality.

For processed audio please add $50 to each tier. Processing includes noise-reduction (if necessary), compression, removal of breaths and other “mouth noises”, and some minor audio enhancements. Additional post-processing is possible if you want “perfect” audio but will increase the amount of time needed to complete the project and therefore, the rate.


“I’ve worked with John on a couple of audiobook projects. His sound
quality is excellent, and his voice acting and response to deadlines
are always professional. I won’t hesitate to call on him any time I
need him for future projects.” —Scott Roche, author of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands.

“John Wilkerson is a focused performer who brings his A-game and is also fun to work with.” —Paeter Frandzen, Spirit Blade Productions

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