7 Ways to Serve Your Audience with Live Video

7 Ways to Serve Your Audience With Live Video

In 2015 when Periscope was the hottest and newest social media platform, I shared how podcasters and entrepreneurs could use the platform to better serve their audience.

A number of social media platforms now support live video so I thought I’d revisit this list to provide a refresher that can be used broadly, rather than specifically for one platform.

Not all of these points will apply to every podcast but I hope that you get some value from this list and try incorporating live video into your podcast outreach.

7 Ways to Serve Your Audience with Live

  1. Offer training and tutorials.
  2. Hold a question and answer session.
  3. Announce new or exclusive content or products.
  4. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes view of what you do.
  5. Ask for feedback.
  6. Offer bite-sized content that’s easier to consume than long-form articles or videos.
  7. Re-purpose previous content for new audience members.

Here’s the original video that was streamed live on Periscope.

Chime in! What other ways can we use live video to serve our audience?

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