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The Podcast Lifecycle

I’ve been thinking about podcasting a lot lately. I like getting into the technical weeds and providing specific advice about hosting, equipment, and workflow but sometimes it’s nice to look at it from a higher level. I’ve been thinking about the podcast lifecycle and how a podcast changes and improves over time.

The Podcast Lifecycle

  • Inspiration – Something you see, hear, or read inspires you to record an episode or produce an entirely new podcast. This is the most exciting phase. You’re pumped! You’re ready to create something now!
  • Incubation – Some people skip this step and go straight to the next one. Incubation is very important. This is where you think about content, ideas, and how or if you want to proceed.
  • Implementation – You’re ready to produce. You’ve gathered information in the incubation stage and it’s time to record some shows. This is the hardest part. You’re going to want to quit when things don’t go as planned.
  • Iteration – After you’ve implemented your podcast you sometimes need to make changes. Maybe you change the length, frequency, or subject. This can happen over a few episodes, hundreds, or thousands.
  • Improvement – Once you’ve been at it for a while you want to make things better. You want to elevate your game. That may be a fresh website design or some equipment upgrades.

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