“4104” by Phil Elmore Will Blow Your Mind – UPDATED

4104 by Phil ElmoreToday I step away from reviewing Christian-themed speculative fiction to recommend an online serial story that you don’t want to miss.

4104 is an online, episodic novel by Phil Elmore. I was given the privilege of reading an advance copy. Yes, I know how it ends. Yes, you will want to read it.

Phil describes his project the best:

My series 4104 is an ongoing and original serial published here on my website. It began with this short story, which was my attempt to create as much plot and as much implied history as I could — with as few words as possible. Individual entries in the 4104 series could be classified as flash fiction, but as they develop, they are coalescing into chapters of a loosely plotted novel.

Now, a word of warning to the squeamish: this is not the book for you. People die horribly in this book. If that kind of thing disturbs you, you’ll want to skip this story. I don’t recall any profanity (I even search the preview copy). There are also a few very dark themes in this book but they are handled tastefully by Phil. That said, you probably don’t want your kids reading this book. Teens 16 and up would have no trouble with the story but you determine what your kids read, not me.

The story could be fleshed out a little bit more and probably will be in its final incarnation. Even in its current state 4104 is a pleasure to read and feels like a solid novel. Sometimes I lost track of the supporting characters and their motivations but that’s probably due to the nature of reading the story from week-to-week. Once I got a copy of the rough draft I was able to easily track with the characters.

If you haven’t already started reading 4104 get on over to Phil’s site and start reading today. The last installment has been published and will only be available for free until Phil starts publishing the next book in the series: Detective Moxley.

4104 will be published in paperback and given a new title: Monsters. Very appropriate.

“Blowing Off Steam: When It Rains It Pours” Book Review

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Time Management is the Blogger’s Greatest Tool

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The one thing I’m learning on this blogging experiment is that time management is crucial. In fact, it’s probably the most powerful tool a blogger has in their arsenal.

I’ve found that when I blog is just as important as what I blog about. I’m not talking about timing the release of my blog articles, I’m talking about when I sit down to do my writing.

Content and timing are very important, especially if you’re not generating any “evergreen content” but writing when your brain is firing on all cylinders is crucial to staying motivated and writing great articles.
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