“Frontiers” by Jeff W. Horton Book Review

Reviewing science fiction is tough. I have very specific tastes and I’m not one to keep reading a book just because “I have to finish it”.

Frontiers by Jeff W. Horton appealed to my sci-fi tastes and left me wondering, “Why can’t more Christian sci-fi authors write like this?” Continue reading ““Frontiers” by Jeff W. Horton Book Review”

Your First Podcast Will Sound Like Crap

It’s true. Even if you have the best equipment money can buy your first podcast will sound like crap. Why? Because you’re your own worst critic.

You’ve taken the classes. You’ve bought all the recommended equipment. You put it all together just like you were instructed. Everything ran smoothly. You even took 8 hours to edit your first episode so it would sound perfect but no matter how many times you listen to it you think it sounds like crap. That’s OK.
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5 Tips for Podcasting When You Have Little Kids

When I started podcasting in 2005 I had 5 kids 10 and under in my house. It seemed like a pipe dream that I’d ever get an episode published.

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about podcasting as a hobby. One of them is how to podcast with kids in the house.
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