5 Tips to Start Podcasting for Free

Want to start podcasting but don’t have any money to get started? Avoid the trap of buying expensive equipment or taking expensive courses in order to learn to podcast. If you’re podcasting as a hobby you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars just to find out you don’t like it or lose interest.

These tips are for people who want to explore podcasting as a hobby. If you want to start a business or intend to market a product, you probably want to take a more professional route. However, if you’re interested in podcasting because you like to hear yourself talk then check out these 5 tips to start podcasting for free. Continue reading “5 Tips to Start Podcasting for Free”

“Frontiers” by Jeff W. Horton Book Review

Reviewing science fiction is tough. I have very specific tastes and I’m not one to keep reading a book just because “I have to finish it”.

Frontiers by Jeff W. Horton appealed to my sci-fi tastes and left me wondering, “Why can’t more Christian sci-fi authors write like this?” Continue reading ““Frontiers” by Jeff W. Horton Book Review”