7 Ways I’ve Failed at Podcasting Since 2005 [STR4P 21]

Failure is an option. Yes, you read that right. Failure is an option.

We often hear the opposite, that failure isn’t an option, and this gives Christians and podcasters (like myself) a skewed view on life, faith, and success.

The Bible is full of accounts where “the faithful” failed. While many Christians are familiar with a few of these stories, most don’t embrace them.

We forget that books like Lamentations, Job, Jonah, and Ecclesiastes are there for us to meditate on and that God speaks to us through failure.

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The Twelve Books of Christmas [STR4P 20]

Since Christmas Day, I have been sharing a book each day on Twitter and Instagram.

Many of these books I read last year. Some I’m sharing because I’d like you to know about them and one I plan to start reading on January 1st.

You’re getting to read and hear about all twelve books before I share them.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 Books of Christmas!

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It’s Not Christmas Yet Christmas Special [STR4P 19]

‘Tis the season to take a break from podcasting. Many podcasters, including myself, tend to get a little lazy around this time of the year.

In keeping with that tradition, I present to you a brief little podcast that includes content from Truce, by Chris Staron.

I interviewed Chris when he started Truce and I’ve become a huge fan of the podcast.

He was kind enough to share a segment with the Christian Podcasters Association that members could use in their podcast.

I hope you enjoy this It’s Not Christmas Yet Christmas Special.

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