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Rather than post a link to every single episode for NaPodPoMo I’ve decided to just embed my Anchor station here and in the sidebar. One thing that has prevented me from consistently posting episodes for NaPodPoMo has been embedding them here. No more! I will just post to Anchor.

Look for updates on Twitter, favorite my station on Anchor, or subscribe in iTunes to get the latest updates without having to visit this blog.

Is NaPodPoMo Easy? – 10 the Podcast

I made a few decisions about how I would participate in NaPodPoMo that aren’t making it easy. Most of it revolves around Anchor.

Also some thoughts on what I’d like to see in a Blubrry app for Android and iOS devices. Continue reading “Is NaPodPoMo Easy? – 10 the Podcast”

3 Ways You Can Reset a Bad Day – 10 the Podcast #NaPodPoMo

Have you ever had a day that started the wrong way? Maybe you forgot an appointment or you had a flat on the way to work.

In this episode of 10 the Podcast I’m sharing 3 ways I’ve discovered to reset a bad day. Continue reading “3 Ways You Can Reset a Bad Day – 10 the Podcast #NaPodPoMo”

I’m Doing NaPodPoMo Because I’m Crazy – 10 the Podcast

This year I’m participating in National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) which is the podcasting version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Why? Because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Are you participating in NaPodPoMo? Let me know! Continue reading “I’m Doing NaPodPoMo Because I’m Crazy – 10 the Podcast”

Searching for a Voice Assistant – 10 the Podcast

A recent Tweet from Gary Vaynerchuk was the catalyst for this episode. The future of search is through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home but I think if Facebook enters the game it will blow them both out of the water.

Voice-Assisted Search

Do you use voice-assisted search?

Continue reading “Searching for a Voice Assistant – 10 the Podcast”