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Steve Cleary is the Executive Producer of The Pilgrim’s Progress, a feature-length, animated film based on John Bunyon’s classic novel. The film will be in theaters for a limited time on April 18th and 20th, 2019

Steve ClearySteve started his work in missions in 1989 as a volunteer for The Voice of the Martyrs. He joined the staff in 1990 and soon after had the honor of traveling with VOM founders Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Being able to spend the last decade of their lives with them became the biggest blessing and honor of Steve’s life. He continues with VOM as a contractor and has traveled with them to hostile and restricted nations around the world, including Cuba, Sudan, Northern Nigeria, borders of North Korea and most recently Iraq during the ISIS occupation.

In 2015, Steve and Robert Fernandez began an animation studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was at this time he began to see both the tremendous need and opportunity of making films for the mission field. In January 2017, Steve officially founded and launched the ministry Revelation Media, which is committed to providing quality and culturally engaging media for the global missions community

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The Pilgrim’s Progress Movie Review and Giveaway – STR4P 6

Movies have been used for years as a way to reach people with the gospel. However, in some countries, unapproved religious content isn’t permitted.

Allegories like The Pilgrim’s Progress can subvert the censors in countries where preaching the Gospel is prohibited and give missionaries tools to share the love of Christ with people who desperately need it.

About Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress has been translated into over 200 languages, has never been out of print and has sold over 200 million copies – more copies than any Christian book, next to the Bible. Written in 1678 by John Bunyan while in prison for holding religious services, The Pilgrim’s Progress is often cited as the greatest allegory ever written.

The 2019 film will be the story’s feature-length theatrical debut, as well as the first computer-animated telling of the timeless tale. Media-driven families can be assured that this centuries-old story can still connect with viewers of all ages. Continue reading “The Pilgrim’s Progress Movie Review and Giveaway – STR4P 6”

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Since I started podcasting in 2005, I’ve started ten podcasts. Of those ten, I consider three failures. In this episode of Struggling for Purpose, I’ll share why I think those podcasts “failed” and what I learned from those failures. Continue reading “What I Learned From Three Failed Podcasts – STR4P 5”

The Pilgrim’s Progress Coming to Theaters This Easter

Published in 1678, The Pilgrim’s Progress is the world’s most significant piece of English Christian literature. It has never been out of print, has been translated into over 200 languages, and is considered to be the first novel written in English.

This Easter, Revelation Media is bringing an adapted, animated version of the classic tale to theaters. Starring John Rhys-Davies as Evangelist, this epic story will come to life on the big screen for a limited time only.

Next month, I’ll share my review of THE PILGRIM’s PROGRESS and give away tickets to see it in theaters. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss an opportunity to enter that giveaway.


Based on John Bunyan’s epic masterpiece, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS is one of the most popular books of all time, and one of the most important stories of our faith! Second to the Bible in total copies and translations, the story was written by John Bunyan a pastor, imprisoned for sharing his faith.

This powerful allegory helps families understand the spiritual journey is the most important journey in life, as well as the importance of sticking to the path, even when the journey gets difficult.

Genre: drama/ animated
Rating: NR
Run time: 1:45
Studio: Revelation Media
Talent: John Rhys-Davies (THE LORD OF THE RINGS), Kristyn Getty, Ben Price

Theatrical release for 2 days only! April 18 & 20, 2019 Easter weekend! You can buy tickets now at to see THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS on Thursday, April 18th or Saturday, April 20th.

Giveaway Details

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Leading up to the theatrical release of THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, I’m giving away three (3) digital interactive storybooks. You will have multiple ways to enter. Choose one or choose all!

The Pilgrim’s Progress Digital Interactive Storybook

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