ONE Thing to Make Your Periscope Broadcast More PROFESSIONAL

Periscope is a fun way to engage your blog or podcast audience. Even if you don’t get a lot of live views to your broadcast, re-purposing your replays on YouTube can have some long-term benefits—especially if you edit them.

I’ve seen a lot of great tips from other broadcasters to increase the quality of your broadcasts. Some include:

  • Use a lavaliere mic
  • Utilize IFTTT recipes to automate your reach
  • Use an interesting backdrop
  • Start with your content immediately
  • Broadcast regularly and consistently

Periscope is great because it’s interactive, provides the broadcaster with immediate affirmation, and is inclusive (anyone can watch with a browser).

However, some broadcasters who have great things to say are often inconsistent, irrational, and irregular in their message. The message becomes muddled because they’re constantly responding to the chat and commenting on the number of hearts they’re receiving.

Here’s my ONE tip: Hide the chat when you get to your main point(s).

You owe it to your audience to be clear and concise. If you want them to value your time you need to value theirs too. Once you’ve hit your points, reveal the chat and resume interacting with the audience.

What do you think? Share your comments below.


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