One More Step – Flash Fiction Friday

One More Step - Flash Fiction Friday

One more step. That’s all Sierra needed to take.

She knew that if she could take this final step her world would change but it was hard.

The events that had led to this moment shaped her into the woman she is today. They’d also scarred her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The years hadn’t been easy on her. She’d suffered abuse, hunger, and rejection at the hands of people whom she thought were friends.

When she’d left it was out of anger. Anger because he didn’t understand. Anger because he couldn’t accept her for who she was. Anger because he was so close-minded.

The one thing she’d forgotten: he would always love her. He’d shown that over the years by trying to contact her, only to be rejected.

Last night, she’d finally accepted his call. It was a brief conversation and now she was standing outside the door to his house.

One more step and she would be inside. Safe. Warm. Comforted. Loved.

Sierra opened the front door to the house, stepped in and called out, “Daddy, I’m home!”


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One thought on “One More Step – Flash Fiction Friday

  1. Good story – although I would have liked some actions being described as the characters internal dialogue was going on. That would melt it less like an essay and more like a story.

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