My Three Words 2022

Move. Strengthen. Renew.

2021 is behind us and a new year is ahead. It’s easy to look back over the past few years and think, “Will this ever end?” I’m sure the Israelites felt that way when they wandered around a desert for 40 years. Jacob and Caleb must have been chomping at the bit to get into their promised land.

My Three Words for 2022

Move – This was one of my words in 2019 and I need to revisit it this year. There’s a lot of stiffness in my life—physically, mentally, & professionally. The main focus of this will be on physical movement. I plan to walk 1,200 km this year and play a lot more pickleball. I feel stagnant professionally and need to make a move (I don’t know what that will be yet). Finally, my mindset has been stagnant lately and that needs to change.

Strengthen – This word ties into “move” in so many ways. I plan to strengthen my body and mind. I want to strengthen my relationships—with God, family, & friends. One way I’m doing this is to play more pickleball with my wife. I also want to strengthen my position online. I’m not sure what that last statement means yet but I’ll be exploring it in the weeks to come.

Renew – Finally, I need a bit of a renewal. I didn’t do much podcasting the last two years for various reasons and throughout 2021 I’ve had the itch to start again. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll restart all of them but I do have plans to restart a least one of them.

There it is. My three words for 2022. I’m not sure how things will turn out this year. My three words for 2019 weren’t very successful because I’m terrible at goal-setting and vision-casting but I’m hopeful for this year. I’ll be on the lookout for your three words.

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