MINDREADER Full Movie Review

If you’re looking for a movie with a strong Gospel presentation, don’t let the trailer for this movie fool you! Rich Christiano presents an evangelical message in a unique way in this film.

About MindReader

Synopsis: The year is 1974 and The Great Dexter is the closing act in a variety show at The Temple Theatre. His amazing mindreading act fools everyone, including the local magicians’ association. As Dexter’s popularity grows, so does the association’s jealousy as they try to shut his act down and figure out how it’s done. (mindreadermovie.com)
Starring: Hamish Briggs, Connor Keene, Ross Turner
Written & Directed by Rich Christiano
Running time: 1h24m
Rated: PG
Genre: Drama


Final Thoughts

MindReader will keep you guessing throughout the film. Rich Christiano blends unforgettable characters and a surprise ending that presents the Gospel clearly and directly.


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