Lament and Restoration with Paeter Frandsen

In September 2020, a few months after his death, Christianity Today published an article about allegations of sexual misconduct against Ravi Zacharias.

Since then, a preliminary investigation has revealed these allegations are true.

To talk about this sensitive topic, I’m joined by Paeter Frandsen of Christian Geek Central.

We discuss our thoughts on the topic and how lament and restoration should be a part of every Christian’s life.

Paeter’s video “Reacting To Corrupt Christian Teachers”

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One thought on “Lament and Restoration with Paeter Frandsen

  1. I enjoyed this conversation, and appreciate the two of you, in terms of your willingness to tackle a tough topic.

    It sounded like you did not know this, but the allegations against Ravi became public in the few years before his death. His response and RZIM’s response were stonewalling, denial, and (worst of all) attacking the accusers, accusing them of a range of poor motivations.

    One brave woman came forward first, and then a few others, but the RZIM response of “circling the wagons” had the response of (at the least) discouraging of other women from following suit. Yes, the organization hired an independent investigator, but that was only after Ravi’s death and (more importantly) after the Christianity Today article. This was most assuredly NOT their reaction to the accusations themselves.

    When you talk about what the RZIM board should do, the first response is clear: Resign. I don’t know if any of Ravi’s family members are on the board, but they need to go first. Many of the things you recommended, opportunities for humility or vulnerability, were options for board members over the years, and they failed to engage in those practices.

    He is not the victim, RZIM is not the victim, his fans are not victims, users of his content are not the victim, and Christians who have to answer hard questions because of his failings are not the victims. There are many women who are the victims, and their futures are far more important than that of the ministry or people who worked there.

    Again, thanks for having the conversation. Struggling is valuable. Love the show, and keep up the good work.

    “Professor” Alan
    Dorkness to Light
    Relatively Geeky Podcast Network

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