Justice League Dark Trailer

Justice League Dark

Warner Brothers just released a trailer for the upcoming, R-rated animated film Justice League Dark. This will be the 27th DC Universe Animated Original Movie released since 2007.

This review is not an in-depth analysis of the trailer. I’m not looking for Easter eggs or clues about the movie. I’m judging the trailer based on three criteria:

  1. Is it visually appealing? (Yes.)
  2. Does it make me want to know more about the movie / t.v. show? (Yes.)
  3. Does it make me want to watch the movie / t.v. show? (Yes.)

When will I watch this movie (if at all)? I’m a fan of the DC animated movies. Unlike what we’ve seen on the big screen, these movies released direct to DVD and Blu-ray shine. I’ll rent this one as soon as possible.

Description: The world is under attack from supernatural forces and the Justice League must recruit the help of John Constantine, an occult investigator. Constantine assembles a team of supernatural superheroes (Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon) to help save the world.

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