In Over Your Head


There’s a phrase many people in America say when someone attempts something that’s too difficult:

You’re in over your head.

It’s also used when someone encounters hardship that seems impossible to overcome.

I feel like that a lot. Many mornings I wake up and feel like I’ll never get past the tidal wave of problems in my life.

Despite that I’m at peace because,

When you’re in over your head, that’s when God can help.

You can quote me on that. You can also quote Ephesians 3:19

I want you to know all about Christ’s love, although it is too wonderful to be measured. Then your lives will be filled with all that God is. -CEV

Knowing that God’s love is “too wonderful to be measured” gives me hope. It gives me peace. It lets me know that even though I may not feel like God loves me right now, He does.

Circumstances around me may make it appear that God has given up on me but I know that God is just one breath away.

Do you ever feel in over your head? What comforts you in those times?


Husband, Dad, Podcaster, Blogger, Writer, and Speaker struggling every day to follow Jesus.

2 thoughts on “In Over Your Head

  1. It comforts me knowing, no matter how wrong life gets. Jesus had made it alright. When He returns is when we really know.
    I hate that I am limited to seeing and feeling the right now. It’s my faith that sees the “more than right now”.

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