I Already Have Writer’s Block

I Already Have Writer's Block

That didn’t take long. I already have writer’s block.

Granted, I started planning for this a little late. Actually, I didn’t plan at all. I decided to do it on a whim despite the fact that I’ll be out of town for 4 days.

So what have I done for the last 40 minutes besides stare a monitor? Not much, really.

I combed through my old blog and podcast for some ideas, researched a few items on eBay, and thought about responding to email.

During that time I’ve thought up a few topics I might want to write on and found 3 book reviews that are still sitting unfinished in my “Drafts”.

Finishing those drafts will be difficult because I read the books 2 years ago. My memory doesn’t serve me very well these days. If I don’t write a review immediately I forget about what I’ve read.

Now that I’ve reached the minimum word count I set for myself for BEDiM, I need to find an image to go with this blog post. Hopefully that doesn’t take 40 more minutes because I want to eat breakfast.


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