How to Use Periscope Replays to Engage with Your Audience

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After the demise of Katch, Periscope added permanent replays on their platform. Before this feature was added, users had to use third-party software to watch replays older than 24 hours.

This article originally discussed the use of Katch to engage with your audience. It has been edited to reflect the updates made to Periscope.

How to Use Periscope Replays to Engage with Your Audience

1. Follow up with comments. Sometimes you miss a few comments or you want to follow up with someone. Reviewing your replays is a great way to quickly and easily scan through the comments on your broadcast and see if you missed anything important.

2. Look for questions to answer. If you get a lot of people on a broadcast you will miss comments and questions. You can follow up with other users by finding their comments and either answering them in another broadcast or contacting them on Twitter with the answer.

3. Find people to follow. If someone on your broadcast was really engaged and contributed to the experience, that’s someone you want to follow. If they’ve linked their Twitter account you can follow them there as well as on Periscope.

4. Review your broadcast. It’s a good idea to review your broadcast to determine if you want to re-purpose the content for YouTube, podcasts, or blog articles (like this one).

5. Critique yourself. You’re your worst critic. Watch your replay and see how you can improve your broadcasts. Find a list of Periscope tips and see how you stack up.

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