Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress Trailer

Four years in the making, this crowd-funded, faith-based, sci-fi- fantasy film will premier online next month.

Directed by Matt Bilen, the film aims to capture the imaginations of Christians around the world with its gritty and modern adaptation of John Bunyon’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.

I know, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about adaptations of The Pilgrim’s Progress but I couldn’t resist posting about this.

While the special effects don’t look to be on par with a Hollywood summer blockbuster, they don’t look terrible either.

I’m hoping this film will set a new bar for Christian filmmakers and take the genre to new heights.


One Man’s Quest, Every Man’s Journey

Inspired by the 17th Century Classic Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.

Starring a groundbreaking international cast including South Korean film and television legend In Pyo Cha (Laurel Tree Tailors, Crossing, Mokpo Gangster’s paradise, Seoul Searching), Karyme Lozano from Mexico (Televisa’s Quiero Amarte, For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada), Peta Sergeant from Australia (CW’s The Originals and ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), Ricky Kim from South Korea (SBS’ Oh! My Baby), and Fernanda Romero from Mexico (400 Days and The Eye), and including Americans Alan Powell (^The Song*, lead singer of Christian group Anthem Lights) and introducing Patrick Thompson.

King Street Pictures is the production company.

Produced by King Street Pictures principal Dan Mark, along with Matt Bilen and David Kang. Co-Produced by King Street Pictures principal Rachel Tan.

Executive Produced by In-Pyo Cha, Ricky Kim and Darren Wilson (Father of Lights, Furious Love, Finger of God, Holy Ghost).

Directed by Matt Bilen.
(Source: King Street Pictures)


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