“Flight of the Angels” Book Review

In their inaugural novel, Allan and Aaron Reini scratch that sci-fi itch Christian fans have been longing for with Flight of the Angels.


Flight of the Angels is a futuristic book set in a dystopian society that has outlawed all forms of religious expression. An ex-Navy captain leads a group of fugitives on the run from their own government while a young executive uncovers a dark conspiracy within his own corporation.

In this first book in their Christian sci-fi series, co-authors Allan and Aaron Reini — a father/son writing team — introduce a dark, gritty universe where evil men plot destruction and heroes, while flawed, sacrifice everything to defend the defenseless.


Flight of the Angels is the Reini’s first novel and for a pair of first-time writers this is an extremely well-written book. I’ve read some author’s first novels and they pale in comparison to FotA.

The Reini’s write convincing characters that have depth and you really feel like they have skin in the game. The world they live in isn’t perfect and not everything goes as expected. There are no fanciful prayers and neatly tied bows at the end of the story.

The sci-fi tech, while present, doesn’t overshadow the story or characters. While it’s occasionally used as a convenient plot device there’s no ham-handed attempts at using tech to solve the problems the characters face. It fits nicely in with the story throughout the book.

Throughout the story the protagonists struggle with their faith and how it intersects with their need to protect themselves. The antagonists aren’t cookie-cutter Christian bad guys who get saved in the end but people who not only struggle in their daily lives but don’t care about God or his people.

Flight of the Angels is a novel you can share with your non-Christian friends and family. The protagonists are definitely Christian but don’t suffer from some of the cliches seen in many Christian novels.

Flight of the Angels is available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon.com.

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