I Already Have Writer’s Block

That didn’t take long. I already have writer’s block.

Granted, I started planning for this a little late. Actually, I didn’t plan at all. I decided to do it on a whim despite the fact that I’ll be out of town for 4 days.

So what have I done for the last 40 minutes besides stare a monitor? Not much, really.

I combed through my old blog and podcast for some ideas, researched a few items on eBay, and thought about responding to email.

During that time I’ve thought up a few topics I might want to write on and found 3 book reviews that are still sitting unfinished in my “Drafts”.

Finishing those drafts will be difficult because I read the books 2 years ago. My memory doesn’t serve me very well these days. If I don’t write a review immediately I forget about what I’ve read.

Now that I’ve reached the minimum word count I set for myself for BEDiM, I need to find an image to go with this blog post. Hopefully that doesn’t take 40 more minutes because I want to eat breakfast.

Meridian Orbital Platform – Part 1: Arrival

Gaelen’s approach to Jupiter was uneventful. For three days he watched the gas giant grow and eventually fill his capsule’s observation port. The swirling storms of the solar system’s fifth planet were mesmerizing and he always had trouble pulling his eyes away from the view to run diagnostics or make a course correction.

As he entered a low-planetary orbit, Gaelen glanced at his chrono. He was 2.3456 seconds out of sync. Still in nominal operating range but he preferred not to be more than 1.5 seconds out of sync. As he made the necessary adjustments, Gaelen risked a quick glance at Jupiter’s surface one last time. Continue reading “Meridian Orbital Platform – Part 1: Arrival”