Hank Hanegraaff Did Not “Leave the Faith”

Hank Hanegraaff’s recent conversion to Orthodoxy (specifically, Greek Orthodox) has been written about on many popular Christian blogs.

Much of what has been written by Evangelicals is frighteningly Pharisaical.

Ultimately, it’s just a distraction from the goal of all Christians: to glorify God and point people to Christ. Instead, people are pointing to doctrine, tradition, and misconceptions.

Vlog Every Day in April #SSSVEDA

This year I’m taking the VEDA challenge: Vlog Every Day in April.

Besides actually releasing a vlog daily, I have two other goals:

  1. Finally push past 500 subscribers.
  2. Get to 1,000,000 total channel views.

I’ve had a YouTube channel since April 2006. That’s 11 years this month. I’m an old-timer that’s had a few videos get over 100K views but it took years for them get to those numbers.

So this challenge is just a way for me to try something new and see if I can hit on some topic or topics to consistently vlog about.

Below is the playlist for VEDA 2017. Enjoy!