THE RESISTANCE, Part 2: “History Lesson”

Jace stared at the woman on the other side of the transparent wall. He started to ask a question but was interrupted.

“Your tracer chip has been removed. We’ve also re-sequenced your DNA. Any biological tracers have been rendered inert. Your wristcomp, communicator, and hazmat suit have all been incinerated. Anything that could be used to track you has been destroyed.”

“That’s great. What about the drones. At least 2 were following me and would have seen me enter that door.”

Maggie smiled, “We fed them a false feed. As far as Maggie.AI knows, you walked into Section 7 and died from some nasty chemical burns right before the drone sent to execute you put at 50 caliber slug in your brain.”

Jace blinked a few times then laughed. “Hah! You’re joking, right? There’s no way to send a false video feed to Maggie. She’d recognize it in an instant. Wait, what did you say you name was?”

“Maggie,” the woman said wryly.

“This is a dangerous prank you’re playing here, Maggie. It took me years to get those cisterns built and I just got power to that decrepit warehouse. I did that all under the watchful eyes in the sky. The only reason I’d made that much progress is because of my designation. You can’t just snatch me away and not expect a full-scale investigation.”

“Yes. You’ve got quite a skill set. GlobalCom rates you as one of their top drone technicians. That’s why we recruited you. Your cell group leader recommended you to us. We, however, have a trump card,” Maggie retorted.

“Oh yeah, what’s your trump card?” Jace asked mockingly.

“Me.” Continue reading “THE RESISTANCE, Part 2: “History Lesson””

THE RESISTANCE, Part 1: “Welcome to Section 7”

Glass crunched under Jace’s feet as he walked through the old warehouse. The building had been abandoned for over 30 years and in its current state of disrepair it could fall on him at any moment.

What was left of the roof did little to prevent Mother Nature’s assault on the old building. She was determined to grind this place into powder. Pools of scum-encrusted water, leaves, and other detritus were scattered about the derelict structure.

Small animals scurried amid the shadows hoping to avoid Jace and to look for their next meal. The rotting carcasses of some of these animals were evidence of larger predators that frequented this bountiful hunting ground.

It was mid-January and the dark, grey clouds Jace could see through the gaping holes in the ceiling threatened snow. In the distance he could here thunder which meant this was a particularly nasty storm descending upon him. He’d have to work quickly.

The old android factory sat in the middle of an ancient industrial zone that at one time house manufacturing complexes for companies like Ford, Chrysler, and Chevrolet. According to Jace’s wristcomp these companies manufactured a means of four-wheeled conveyance that used fossil fuels. Continue reading “THE RESISTANCE, Part 1: “Welcome to Section 7””