There’s ONE Feature I Think Periscope Needs to Add ASAP

Periscope is a great way for people to interact with their followers and build a community.

There’s one thing missing though: comments on the website.

Someone logged into Twitter and watching a broadcast or replay while on the website cannot interact with the broadcaster. You must have the app to comment or give hearts (we really need to have a bacon option).

I think that if comments were enable on the site and web viewers could interact, we’d actually see Periscope grow.

What do you think? What feature would like to see added to Periscope?

What 10 Million Periscope Users Means to Broadcasters and Viewers

Periscope recently announced that there are now over 10 million users of the live-streaming video app. Every day 40 years of video are watched by people. This is incredible!

Periscope has only been around since March and it’s becoming a great way for people to get in touch with their community, share information, and just act silly.

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5 Pro Speaking Tips for Periscope

Whether you podcast or host broadcasts on Periscope these 5 tips for public speakers will improve the quality of your broadcast.

1. Wet your whistle.
2. Avoid gassy food and drink.
3. Apply lip balm.
4. Blow your nose.
5. Use something quiet for fidgeting.

What tips do you recommend for Periscope broadcasts?

ONE Thing to Make Your Periscope Broadcast More PROFESSIONAL

Periscope is a fun way to engage your blog or podcast audience. Even if you don’t get a lot of live views to your broadcast, re-purposing your replays on YouTube can have some long-term benefits—especially if you edit them.
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