Ka-Bar Lake Effect Ice Scraper Review [Periscope Replay]

Ka-Bar Grivory ice scraper makes short work of cleaning ice off your windshield and can be used alternately as a self-defense tool. Made in the USA.

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24 Tips for Better Periscope Broadcasts

If you’re just getting started with Periscope chances are you’re a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera.

I want to encourage you to get out there and create your own broadcasts. Don’t just watch!

If you’ve been broadcasting but feel like your ‘scopes could be a little better I want to tell you that we all feel this way!

Here are some tips if you’re just getting started or if you’re a broadcast “veteran”.
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How to Use Periscope Replays to Engage with Your Audience

Periscope replays are a great tool you can use it to engage with your audience.

After the demise of Katch, Periscope added permanent replays on their platform. Before this feature was added, users had to use third-party software to watch replays older than 24 hours.

This article originally discussed the use of Katch to engage with your audience. It has been edited to reflect the updates made to Periscope.
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