11 Sci-Fi Anime Shows That Will Knock Your Socks Off

I’ve been watching anime since the late 70s. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve seen a lot of “top five” and “top ten” lists around and wanted to put together my own. This is specifically for sci-fi anime because I watch a disproportional amount of that genre compared to others.

This list is not a ranking but a list of eleven sci-anime titles (series and movies) that I would recommend to someone who wanted to investigate the genre. Some of these were ground-breaking and others are just fun.

Why eleven? Because I couldn’t get my list down to ten and I didn’t want to have an “honorable mention”.

For the most part, this is not a list for kids. Perhaps I’ll put one together that I could recommend to parents but most of what’s on this list should be kept from little eyes. I’ve included links to IMDB’s Parents Guide when there is information available.
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DragonRaid Introduction

When I was in high school I played a lot of role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons. Many Christians in the 80’s and early 90’s were sucked into the “satanic panic” generated by some ministers and thought D&D was evil.

DragonRaid was created by Dick Wulf as a means to teach Christians how to memorize scripture and witness to non-believers through the vehicle of a role-playing game.
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Top-Grossing Movies I Haven’t Seen in the Past 15 Years

I’ve recently come across a few blog posts where the author shares a list of the top ten grossing films and Academy Award Best Picture nominees over the past 15 years and then indicates whether or not he’s seen the film.

It looked like fun so I thought I’d do the same thing. I’m adding one more caveat. If I haven’t seen it, I will indicate if I want to see it by including and asterisk (∗) next to the title.
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