3 Reasons to Stop Complaining About Vertical Video

I recently shared a Periscope broadcast I was watching to my Twitter feed. One of the complaints I hear from people about Periscope is that they don’t like vertical video.

That’s short-sighted and it shows a lack of understanding of the medium and the platform. Vertical video is here to stay and people should stop complaining about it.
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How to Download Periscope Replays with Scopedown

Scopedown is an app that’s currently available for Android smartphones. It allows you to download Periscope replays using your phone. There is also a website and extension that will do the same thing.

In this video I show you how to use the Scopedown extension in Chrome to download a Periscope replay.

24 Tips for Better Periscope Broadcasts

If you’re just getting started with Periscope chances are you’re a little uncomfortable being in front of the camera.

I want to encourage you to get out there and create your own broadcasts. Don’t just watch!

If you’ve been broadcasting but feel like your ‘scopes could be a little better I want to tell you that we all feel this way!

Here are some tips if you’re just getting started or if you’re a broadcast “veteran”.
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How to Use Periscope Replays to Engage with Your Audience

Periscope replays are a great tool you can use it to engage with your audience.

After the demise of Katch, Periscope added permanent replays on their platform. Before this feature was added, users had to use third-party software to watch replays older than 24 hours.

This article originally discussed the use of Katch to engage with your audience. It has been edited to reflect the updates made to Periscope.
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7 Ways to Serve Your Audience with Periscope

The Periscope team at Twitter released an update to their wildly popular live streaming app on Sept 10, 2015 and it has one major feature many people have been wanting: landscape (horizontal) video.

You can check out their blog post to get all the juicy details about the latest update.

Besides providing a better way to watch videos this also demonstrates that they are listening to their audience and want to serve us better with their app. They didn’t just remove vertical video and switch completely to landscape, they found a way to implement it BOTH ways. That’s service.

Along those lines, as content providers we need to serve our audience with Periscope too. I talked about that in recent Periscope broadcast.

7 Ways to Serve Your Audience with Periscope

  1. Offer training and tutorials.
  2. Hold a question and answer session.
  3. Announce new or exclusive content or products.
  4. Give your audience a behind-the-scenes view of what you do.
  5. Ask for feedback.
  6. Offer bite-sized content that’s easier to consume than long-form articles or videos.
  7. Re-purpose previous content for new audience members.

Chime in! What other ways can we use Periscope to serve our audience?