Build – #Inktober

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s interesting, I’ll give you that.”

“C’mon, Terrance! Tell me what you really think!”

“Okay. Let’s start with these actuators here,” Terrance indicated with a laser pointer. “They’re too small. You won’t be able to move or lift anything.”

“What if I use the Tackamichi Mark IV instead? I don’t want it to look bulky.” Continue reading “Build – #Inktober”

Freeze – #Inktober

Lenny carefully opened the door to the server room, making sure he didn’t trip any alarms. Once he was sure the door alarm hadn’t been triggered he slipped in and stayed against the door so that the motion sensors wouldn’t detect his movement.

Reaching into his pocket, Lenny felt for the fob that would temporarily turn off the motion sensors. He pressed the button on the fob and held it for three seconds. Thanks to his multispectral goggles, he could see that the infrared lights emanating for the motion sensors had turned off. Now he just had to deal with the pressure sensors under the floor. Continue reading “Freeze – #Inktober”

Mindless – #Inktober

The seconds on the clock ticked by slower with each passing minute. I tried to look away but I couldn’t pull my attention away from the sweeping second hand.

The cadence of the clock’s antique internals echoed inside my mind as I struggled to remain conscious. Once again, I tried to pull my attention away from the clock but I was locked into a trance.

I counted…37…38…39…what comes after 39? Continue reading “Mindless – #Inktober”

The Ring #Inktober

Jarrod pulled on the ring hoping this time it would come loose. His muscles bulged as his hands barely held on to the tarnished metal. He groaned as he pulled for what seemed minutes but was only about 15 seconds.

Jarrod stopped pulling and looked out across the flat, barren landscape. He was chained to a ring in the ground. Jarrod was left with no food, water, or tools. He only had the clothes on his back. Continue reading “The Ring #Inktober”

#Inktober Story Index

Inktober official 2019 prompt list. 1. Ring 2. Mindless 3. Bait 4. Freeze 5. Build 6. Husky 7. Enchanted 8. Frail 9. Swing 10. Pattern 11. Snow 12. Dragon 13. Ash 14. Overgrown 15. Legend 16. Wild 17. Ornament 18. Misfit 19. Sling 20. Tread 21. Treasure 22. Ghost 23. Ancient 24. Dizzy 25. Tasty 26. Dark 27. Coat 28. Ride 29. Injured 30. Catch 31. Ripe

A friend of mine, Scott Roche, brought this challenge to my attention. It’s originally intended for artists to produce one ink drawing a day in October.

Scott shared that he’d use these as writing prompts for the month and I thought I’d follow suit. So, for the month of October, I will attempt to write 31 pieces of sci-fi flash fiction (stories between 250 and 1000 words).

This post will serve as an index and link to all of the stories I complete. Continue reading “#Inktober Story Index”