5 Semi-Pro Blogging and Podcasting Pitfalls

I’ve been blogging since the late 90’s and podcasting since 2005. This makes me an old-timer in Internet years. It also means I’ve been at this for a long time with very little to show for it monetarily. Financial gain has never been a primary goal of my blogging and podcasting but it’s nice to be able to generate a little income to fund my hobby.

I didn’t start blogging or podcasting to make money but as I’ve plied my trade over the 16+ years of my online life I’ve realized that this is a way I’d like to earn money. I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years and there are five that stand out as huge pitfalls that I’m still trying to overcome.
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8 Ways to Generate Blog or Podcast Topics

Someone asked me (actually he asked members of a private blogger group on Facebook) how I generate ideas for blogging. In about 2 minutes I came up with 8 ways to generate blog or podcast topics. Though this list is specifically geared towards blogging the ideas still work for podcasting too.

You may have already read similar lists from other bloggers and podcasters about how they do this. Here’s my take on the material.
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Time Management is the Blogger’s Greatest Tool

Although this article was originally written about blogging I think the principles still apply to podcasting so I’ve included it in my series Don’t Forget to Press Record.

The one thing I’m learning on this blogging experiment is that time management is crucial. In fact, it’s probably the most powerful tool a blogger has in their arsenal.

I’ve found that when I blog is just as important as what I blog about. I’m not talking about timing the release of my blog articles, I’m talking about when I sit down to do my writing.

Content and timing are very important, especially if you’re not generating any “evergreen content” but writing when your brain is firing on all cylinders is crucial to staying motivated and writing great articles.
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