Christ the Center – Christmas Eve

The white Christ candle stands in the center of the Advent wreath. It represents Christ as the center of our worship and the center of our lives.

Today we reflect on the four candles and their meaning. We recognize that without Christ none of the aspects of Advent would be possible. Continue reading “Christ the Center – Christmas Eve”

Love – Fourth Sunday of Advent

This week we’re adding a 5th candle in the center of the wreath. It symbolizes Christ and how He is to be at the center of our lives. We will light that one at the Christmas Eve service. The fourth candle this week represents Love. Angels announce the birth of Jesus, our savior, whom God sent because he loved us. Continue reading “Love – Fourth Sunday of Advent”

Joy – Third Sunday of Advent

Today we celebrate the joy of knowing that Christ came to save us. We share in the joy that both Mary and Joseph must have felt at the birth of their son, a son who would deliver the world from sin and death. Continue reading “Joy – Third Sunday of Advent”

Preparation – Second Sunday of Advent

If you did not grow up with Advent traditions in your church and home, it is still an important time of the year for us as Christians. Here are four reasons to celebrate Advent: Continue reading “Preparation – Second Sunday of Advent”

Hope – First Sunday of Advent

As we enter into the Advent season, I thought I’d put together a few podcasts that reflect my thoughts and communicate the importance of the Advent tradition.

You don’t have to celebrate with candles or a wreath but Christmastime is the perfect season to reflect on Christ’s coming to the world and his eventual return. Continue reading “Hope – First Sunday of Advent”