5 Short Form Podcasts to Stick in Your Ears #InternationalPodcastDay

For International Podcast Day I’m sharing 5 short form podcasts you can stick in your ears. These are podcasts you can listen to in 10 minutes or less. Some of them run a little long sometimes but for the most part, you’ll get great content without any fluff.

If you’re looking to add another podcast to your rotation but don’t think you have enough time to squeeze another one in, consider these. Continue reading “5 Short Form Podcasts to Stick in Your Ears #InternationalPodcastDay”

Christian Creatives Series 2 Coming Soon

I plan to release another series of interviews with Christian Creatives—people who are creating content, things, services, or opportunities for others. These will primarily be with independent creators but I hope to (if possible) interview some more popular creative people. The interviews will last 10-15 each. Look for the first interview in October.

Also, be sure to check out the ticket giveaway I’m hosting for the upcoming release of LITTLE WOMEN.

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Why I Might Stop Using YouVersion – 10 the Podcast

I was reading through Francis Chan’s devotional in YouVersion this morning, Letters to the Church, and one statement stood out to me:

If achievement is your idol, you won’t make time for mystery.

This really struck me. It also seemed rather ironic reading it in an app that offers achievements for Bible-reading. Continue reading “Why I Might Stop Using YouVersion – 10 the Podcast”