Christian Creatives Series – 10 the Podcast

The next 10 podcasts in the series will be interviews with Christian creatives.

What is a creative? Anyone who creates something for others to consume. It can be a blog, podcast, music, books, or online courses.

At the moment I have five people in mind that I want to interview. I’m in the process of setting up those interviews and hopefully I can get them recorded ahead of time so that I can avoid the last-minute nature of the previous “top-of-mind” series.

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10 has Moved

There are going to be some big changes with this podcast and this blog. Listen as I share what will happen in the next 30 days. There’s a lot of heavy breathing in this podcast because I’m still recovering from a chest cold.

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Top of Mind Ramblings – 10 the Podcast

This time I ramble on about the future of this podcast (0:00-5:00), Christian speculative fiction (5:01-6:59), and the new Daredevil series (7:00-10:00) on Netflix.

Top of Mind Ramblings on Daredevil
Credit: Netflix, Marvel

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When Plans Go Awry – 10 the Podcast

Sometimes things don’t go exactly as you planned. What should you do? Go with Plan B (if you have one)? Come up with a new plan?

Listen as I talk about 2 events that happened recently and how I handled them.
When Plans Go Awry

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Life is Rated R – 10 the Podcast

Life is Rated R. It’s up to us as parents to provide guidance to our children in maneuvering through a landscape filled with inappropriate content.

Life is Rated R

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