Nadine Brandes: A Time to Write — 10 the Podcast

nadine brandesNadine Brandes is a writer who fuses authentic faith with bold imagination in her dystopian trilogy the Out of Time series.

Nadine’s first book, A Time to Die has been nominated for a Christie Award and her second book, A Time to Speak is scheduled to be released in October.

She writes about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination.

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K.C. Procter: Dad Life Rules! — 10 the Podcast

KC Proctor Dad Life RulesK.C. Procter is a husband, dad, writer, and podcaster. In his podcast Dad Life Rules he shares how dads can be not just a good husband, dad, or professional but all three.

K.C.’s book Dedicated Dad helps dads find a rhythm to the roles they play and be successful at all three.

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Eric Dye: ChurchMag and Open Church — 10 the Podcast

Eric DyeEric Dye leads the teams who make Open Church possible. His background as a manager, editor, producer, technologist, and designer gives him the insight and intuition needed to architect and guide each department. He also runs, a prominent ministry technology blog.

Eric currently lives as a missionary in Italy with his family.

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Ben DeBono: Summa Theological and The Divine Comedy — 10 the Podcast

Ben DeBonoBen DeBono is the grumpy half of the podcasting duo at The Sci-fi Christian. Along with his co-host Matt Anderson they discuss science fiction and interject a little theology along the way.

Ben has been recording videos on YouTube as he reads through the Summa Theologica and Dante’s Divine Comedy and provides commentary throughout each study.

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Christian Creatives Series – 10 the Podcast

The next 10 podcasts in the series will be interviews with Christian creatives.

What is a creative? Anyone who creates something for others to consume. It can be a blog, podcast, music, books, or online courses.

At the moment I have five people in mind that I want to interview. I’m in the process of setting up those interviews and hopefully I can get them recorded ahead of time so that I can avoid the last-minute nature of the previous “top-of-mind” series.

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