Failure to Plan [STR4P 24]

Failure to plan has been the biggest hurdle in my podcasting “career”. I’m not sure you can actually call it a career, but, I think you know what I mean.

What happens when I fail to plan is that I end up recording an episode of my podcast by myself the morning it needs to be released.

If I’m being honest with myself, I expected this to happen and subconsciously planned to record an episode by myself about failing to plan.

If hearing me talk about how I’ve failed to plan over the last 15 years interests you, have a listen.

You can hear how other podcasters have overcome failure in the Examining Failure series.

Failure to Promote with Chris Staron [STR4P 23]

Chris Staron hosts Truce Podcast and has written and directed two movies: Bringing Up Bobby and Between the Walls. If you listen to his podcast, you’ve probably also heard him mention his novel, Cradle Robber.

Chris has previously appeared on the podcast and since then he’s made great progress using journalistic tools to look inside the Christian church.

Although his approach to examining the American Church is unique and insightful, Chris explains how his failure to promote the podcast has stunted its growth.

You can hear Chris dissect some sacred Christian cows by listening to Truce.

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Failure to Pivot with Cale Nelson [STR4P 22]

Today’s guest is Cale Nelson (K4CDN), he is best known for hosting the Ham Radio 360 and Modern Christian Men podcasts. He’s also the head-honcho at AFX Media Group where he and his team provide graphic, video, and audio production services.

Today we’ll discuss how he failed to pivot and the affect it had on his podcasting and his spiritual life. It’s quite an interesting story!

Follow Cale on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to let him know you heard him on the podcast!

Be on the lookout for Our Podcast from Cale and his wife Carla.

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7 Ways I’ve Failed at Podcasting Since 2005 [STR4P 21]

Failure is an option. Yes, you read that right. Failure is an option.

We often hear the opposite, that failure isn’t an option, and this gives Christians and podcasters (like myself) a skewed view on life, faith, and success.

The Bible is full of accounts where “the faithful” failed. While many Christians are familiar with a few of these stories, most don’t embrace them.

We forget that books like Lamentations, Job, Jonah, and Ecclesiastes are there for us to meditate on and that God speaks to us through failure.

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The Twelve Books of Christmas [STR4P 20]

Since Christmas Day, I have been sharing a book each day on Twitter and Instagram.

Many of these books I read last year. Some I’m sharing because I’d like you to know about them and one I plan to start reading on January 1st.

You’re getting to read and hear about all twelve books before I share them.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 Books of Christmas!

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