Build – #Inktober

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s interesting, I’ll give you that.”

“C’mon, Terrance! Tell me what you really think!”

“Okay. Let’s start with these actuators here,” Terrance indicated with a laser pointer. “They’re too small. You won’t be able to move or lift anything.”

“What if I use the Tackamichi Mark IV instead? I don’t want it to look bulky.”

“I suppose that would work for light-duty applications,” Terrance mused.

“Great! What else?”

“You see this servo? It’s going to be too loud. You’ll want something quieter or everyone will go crazy listening to it.”

“Alright, I was hoping to save some weight by using the Kendo-Jones models but I see your point.”

Terrance continued to look over the specifications and make recommendations. Clive noted each one with the stylus he held in his mouth.

Three years had passed since the accident in which he’d lost his arms and legs. Clive’s insurance didn’t pay out enough for him to purchase a full body-mod so he’d determined to build one on his own.

His brother Terrance helped design the Astra-Collins Gen V which used the latest tech but that was way out of Clive’s price range. This one would be more like a Gen II but with an updated neural processing unit.

Once this build was complete, he’d be able to return to his old job. He wouldn’t be going back to work for long, though. Once he’d evened things up with his employer, Clive would move on to the insurance company that had denied him his claim.

Clive couldn’t wait to start building.


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