Blog Every Day in May (BEDiM)

Blog Ever Day in May

Last month I vlogged every day (VEDA). This month I’m going to blog every day in May.

This is probably a mistake since I have a very busy schedule but I need to build my writing skills. The goal is to get quicker and better at writing.

Here are my guidelines:

  1. I’m allowing myself to miss 1 day a week. Yeah, I know, that means I won’t really be blogging every day. This is more about developing a schedule and improving my writing more than actually blogging every day.
  2. 150-words minimum per post. I know the best-practice is to write more but I need to get words on the screen. Down the road, I may combine posts if they are related.
  3. Infographics, videos, and cool pics count. However, I’m only going to let 1 per week count if there isn’t any write-up associated with the media.

So that’s the plan. If you have any ideas on what I could write about, please leave a comment below!


Husband, Dad, Podcaster, Blogger, Writer, and Speaker struggling every day to follow Jesus.

One thought on “Blog Every Day in May (BEDiM)

  1. You could give commentary on daily news. The more controversial the subject, the more views you’ll get.

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