About John Wilkerson

Hi, I’m John Wilkerson.

I’m a Husband, Dad, Podcaster, Blogger, Writer, and Speaker.

Since I was a kid I’ve loved technology. My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. My first gaming console was an Atari 2600. Saturday morning cartoons were my crack.

Those formative years gave me a passion for things that light up and beep. These days I tend to binge on social media and Netflix.

I’ve been married to my fantastic wife for 20 years and have 7 awesome kids. We homeschool them. Well, my wife homeschools them and I try to help.

Mostly I just get in the way and distract them from their learning. That’s what dads are supposed to do, right?

Every day I struggle to follow Jesus

We’re all trying to find purpose in life. Some people try to find purpose in the bottom of a bottle, religion or telling everyone on the internet that they’re wrong.

I’m trying to make sense of my life, my struggles, and figure out why God put me here. It isn’t always easy.

This blog is a strange combination of my faith, observations on social media and culture, my personal fandom, and my spiritual struggles.

Join me as I struggle for purpose in my life, work, and play.

“Now I urge you…to strive together with me…”
—Romans 15:30 (NASB)

Podcasts I’ve Produced

The Wired HomeschoolProduct reviews, interviews, news, and information about using technology in your homeschooling endeavors are what you’ll find at The Wired Homeschool. (Active)

10 the Podcast is a top-of-mind rambling podcast. Most episodes are recorded the day of their release in an unedited, free-form format. Sometimes I have short interviews with other people when our paths cross. You never know what you’ll get with this podcast. It is approximately 10 minutes long and is published every 10 days. (Active)

Stranger ThemesStranger Themes Explores Christian themes in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Together with my co-host, Winston Crutchfield, we breakdown each episode and tease out the ideas and concepts and see how they can be applied to our lives. (Inactive)

The podcast that started it all. In November 2005 I started Jesus Geek (then known as Homeschool Tech) and since then I’ve been podcasting in one form or another. (Inactive)

The Stickercast was a weekly podcast that provided GetGlue fans with a weekly rundown of all the official news released from GetGlue as well as tips for earning stickers. (Inactive)

Back in 2010 I wanted to make a difference with my podcasts and Compassion365 was birthed. Myself and several other podcasters released a podcast every day to encourage people to give to Compassion International. (Inactive)

The Social Giving Podcast never really got out of the gate. I released a few episodes that discussed using social media to encourage people to give to charity. It was meant to be a resource for non-profit organizations. (Inactive)


This blog is built on WordPress (self-hosted) and I use the default theme.

I’m using the following plug-ins: Akismet, AMP, amr shortcode any widget, BBSpoiler, Blubrry PowerPress, CryptX, Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages, Jetpack, Pretty Link, Shortcode Widget, Social Subscribe and Follow, and WP Super Cache.

For WordPress hosting I recommend Dreamhost for its ease-of-use, reliability, and value. This blog is currently using their shared hosting plan.

I record The Wired Homeschool using an ATR2100-USB microphone, plugged into my iPad Mini with an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Recording is done with Bossjock Studio.

To record 10 the Podcast I just use my Google Pixel and a Movo PM10 lapel microphone.

Editing and post-processing are done in Audacity. For podcast media hosting and statistics I recommend Blubrry. I also use Auphonic which helps to streamline the enhancing and uploading procedure.

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