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Sometimes I get asked by first-time podcasters and bloggers for advice about which WordPress theme they should use. My advice is typically to use the default theme. Here’s why.

1. It’s Free – When you’re just getting started, especially if this is a hobby, you need to focus on creating content. Spending $300+ for a theme and framework isn’t necessary. I’ve visited many blogs that were popular but basic. It’s OK. You don’t need the Swiss-Army Knife Theme.

2. Stability – The Twenty-Something themes that come with WordPress aren’t full of tweaks and customized code. This makes them less susceptible to crashing when you add a plug-in.

3. Compatibility – You don’t really need to worry about the theme code conflicting with a plug-in when you use the default. If it’s compatible with the current version of WordPress it will be compatible with your theme.

Pick a theme, any theme.
Pick a theme, any theme.

4. Performance – The Twenty-Something themes aren’t full of custom code that will flood your MySQL server with look-ups. This means it will run faster on a shared hosting plan where you have limited resources in your “unlimited” hosting plan.

5. Security – Some custom themes are more susceptible to security flaws than others because of all the custom code built into them. When a security flaw is addressed in WordPress your theme is also patched. No need to worry about additional patches or an unsupported theme going unpatched.

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