3 Ways You Can Reset a Bad Day – 10 the Podcast #NaPodPoMo

3 Ways You Can Reset a Bad Day

Have you ever had a day that started the wrong way? Maybe you forgot an appointment or you had a flat on the way to work.

In this episode of 10 the Podcast I’m sharing 3 ways I’ve discovered to reset a bad day.

3 Ways to Reset a Bad Day

1. Go for a walk. Take 10 minutes to go outside even if it’s raining to go for a short walk. Moving help you deal with negative energy.

2. Have a positive conversation. Have a conversation with someone. Don’t talk about your bad day but ask them about something they will be happy to share.

3. Pray or make positive affirmations. If you’re not the praying type, positive affirmations can help you get out of that funk.

I hope these simple things help. Let me know what you do to reset a bad day in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

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